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Hello everyone!


Thank you for your continued support through these strange and difficult times. This page is designed to outline all of the measures in place within the salon to ensure a safe visit for all. 

As of 22/09/20, at both salons, we will be coming together to work as a full team once again. We have added extra measures to ensure that you still feel as safe and secure as possible during your visit. 

Most recent edit - 22/08/20


When re-booking your appointment you will be asked if you have applied any type of colour to your hair since your last appointment – please don’t worry if this is the case, we will do our utmost to get you back to your usual colour result, just bare in mind that your options may be limited in your initial appointment until we are able to assess your hair in person.


It would be helpful (but not essential) if you could provide the following information –

  • When you applied the colour

  • What brand/shade was used

  • If the colour has left any white hair visible

Even if you have not applied a colour at home please be aware that your appointment may be longer than normal due to the length of your regrowth. Any re-growth longer than 2cm may require a different method of application to ensure an even result. Your stylist will explain more on the day.

If it has been longer than 3 months since your last colour application in the salon or you have applied a colour at home, you will need to have an updated allergy test 48 hours before we are able to colour your hair. Unfortunately, whilst inconvenient, this is required of us by law and our insurance would be invalid if we were to forgo this essential process.

At such a crucial time we will be asking for a deposit payment for every appointment. if you have already purchased a gift voucher this will act as your deposit. Deposits will be non-refundable if less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or re-arrangement is given, or if you are late for your appointment and we are unable to see you. We apologise for the strict nature of this and we assure you that it is a temporary measure to get us through these difficult and unprecedented times.


Please enter the salon wearing your facemask. If you do not have a mask we have a limited number available but please be aware that if we are unable to provide one we may not be able to contuine your appointment. If for any reason you are expemt from wearing a facemask, please let us know ahead of time so that we are able to make the salon teams aware ahead of your visit.

We request that you arrive at your appointment time – not earlier or later – this is so that you can be seen immediately.

Our waiting area will not be open at this time and so we would like to avoid using any areas where people may gather.

Upon entering the salon your stylist should be ready to greet you.

Please hang your coat on the coat tree in the reception area.


Please limit the number of belongings you bring to your appointment. Handbags are fine; however, we will ask that no other items are taken through to the salon area.


All items left in reception will be at your own risk.


In the salon, you will be kept 2 meters from all other staff and clients for the duration of your visit wherever possibe. If this is not possible we have now installed clear screens between each basin, as well as some movable screens which can be possitioned in between sections if neccessary. 


For the time being, we will not be able to provide refreshments or reading material. If you would like to bring a drink with you, please ensure it is in a sealed bottle. We would kindly ask that you do not bring any food items and take all belongings, including rubbish, with you when you leave.

Your stylist will be wearing the following PPE – Face Shield Visor which extends below the chin and wraps round either side of the face & a type II surgical face mask. 

If your face covering is not disposable and the risk of staining due to the colouring process is unavoidable, we may provide a disposable mask in those instances only.

These are the measures we are taking to ensure the salon stays infection-free –

  • Temperature checks on all staff each morning before work

  • Staff will change PPE and wash hands thoroughly between appointments

  • All equipment will be sterilised between appointments

  • The salon section you are seated in will be cleaned thoroughly after each appointment

  • Items which are touched frequently will be disinfected after each use where possible and every hour otherwise

  • Your visit will be single contact wherever possible

  • Your gown and other protective measures will be single-use and disposed of upon your exit from the salon


Your payment will be taken by your stylist at the end of your appointment, or during your colour development process if applicable.


Please pay using contactless card methods where possible, however, we will sanitise the card payment terminal after every use. We will be re-booking appointments and are now able to do so up until Christmas.


It is no secret that the way we are normally able to operate within the salon is now a thing of the past.


Amongst other changes we are now unable to double book appointments (meaning we can no longer see clients in development times of other services such as colour), we have to allocate time for the stylist to complete each service from start to finish including consultation, shampooing, taking payment and now also properly sterilising all equipment as well as the section which was used for the previous service.


This coupled with the fact that, to limit contact, we cannot have all staff working at the same time as well as all of the safety measures and PPE items we have had to adopt, it is a sad fact that our business would not survive based on our previous pricing structure.

We have agonised over the best and fairest way to do this and we truly believe that rather than a blanket percentage-based increase, the way we have chosen to go about it is a more transparent, inclusive and forward-thinking structure.

Alongside this new structure, we will be adding a temporary (until advised otherwise) PPE charge to help cover all the new measures we are required to adhere to. Once this charge can be removed, we are sure that a great number of our clients will be paying more or less the same as before the COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst we appreciate that some people may find these frustrating and individual circumstances may also have changed during this time, we would ask you to consider that you may have missed one (in some cases two or three) appointments during lockdown and the extra cost will most certainly not be equal to this.


This small increase is essential to our survival and we cannot thank you enough for your support.


Our appointments will now be charged by time for non-technical services such as cutting and styling, and a time + product usage charge for technical services such as colouring and smoothing. Your PPE charge will then be added.


This charge is equal to 15 minutes time for non-technical services.

Your appointment will now be based on how long a stylist needs to complete your individual requirements, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ standard industry appointment length. We also believe that this is a long-overdue step towards gender equality – something we are great supporters of.

With regards to colour, to ensure that this new way of calculating costs runs smoothly we have invested in a fantastic new system called Vish.


Vish gives our stylists the ability to mix your colour formulas on a specialist set of scales which records the amount of colour they have used on you to the gram.


Don’t worry if they mix too much, they will re-weigh their bowl on completion of the service – you will only ever pay for what is used on your hair. We feel that this ensures optimum fairness for all our clients.


Please note that the price of your appointment may not always be the same, as changing your requirements or having different lengths of time pass between appointments will cause the amount of product used to fluctuate.

You can find a full price list here 


To give you an idea of what cost you can expect, here is an average amount of time for each service.


This is based on an average thickness of hair and so this may differ from person to person.


Please note that most clients will need an extended appointment for their first visit due to the length of time passed.

Partial colour, toner, smartbond treatment – 15 minutes

Full colour (regrowth only) – 30 minutes

Full head colour (root to tip), T-section, face-framing – 45 minutes

Half head highlights, Balayage re-fresh – 1 hour – 1hour 15 minutes

Full head of highlights, Simple balayage – 1 hour 30 minutes

Nano Keratin Smoothing – 2 – 3 hours

Colour change/correction – 3+ hours


To give you an idea of what to expect, here is an approximate product cost for each service.


These are based on an average thickness of hair and so this may differ from person to person.

Partial colour, toner, smartbond treatment – £7 - 11

Full colour (regrowth only) – £11- 17

Full head colour (root to tip), T-section, face framing – £17 - 30

Half head highlights, Balayage re-fresh - £30

Full head of highlights, Classic balayage – 1 hour 30 minutes - £30+

Extended Balayage, Nano Keratin Smoothing – 2 – 3 hours - £30+

Colour change/correction – 3+ hours - £50+


Most importantly, we ask you to be vigilant in monitoring your own health.


For the good of the entire team and every client visiting us, we would ask that you please refrain from attending your visit if you have ANY symptoms of illness, relating to coronavirus or otherwise.


It is imperative that our staff stay healthy so that they can continue to work and we must ensure that our clients feel comfortable in the environment.


If you do attend your appointment with symptoms of any kind you will be asked to leave.


If you have a long-term condition which causes symptoms of illness but is not contagious please inform us when booking your appointment.

To further continue to limit contact with others we kindly request that you please attend your appointment alone.

If you or someone in your household has travelled abroad, we would kindly request that you leave 14 days before attending any appointment at the salon.

If you have been to the salon and display Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days we would please ask that you inform us as part of our responsibility to track and trace.



Due to the strict guidelines, we are having to adhere to we will need to stick as closely to the appointment slots allowed as possible. If you arrive late, depending on your booking, you may still be seen for a reduced service.


In these instances, you will still be charged for the appointment timing you have booked. If we are unable to carry out your service due to lateness you will be asked to re-schedule.


Please note that your deposit will not be carried forward as it will be used to cover the cost of the missed booking.


We are doing our utmost to ensure that we are booking the correct length of time for each individual appointment – gone are the days of one person at the basins while we finish the one in our chair!


As you can appreciate, this has many variables and so there may be instances where we don’t get it exactly right.


In the event of your stylist is running behind you may be informed by text message and asked to delay your arrival.


This may be to ensure that our workspace has been properly sanitised before your arrival and so please be patient with us in this instance.


As part of the guidelines, we feel it would be irresponsible to do so.


You may have seen that some salons are offering bottled water to clients.


The reason we have chosen not to is because we have worked extremely hard over the past 12 months to make the salon more environmentally friendly.


Unfortunately, the current situation means that we have had to take a huge backwards step in this area, due to the level of disposable items we now need to provide and we feel that bottled water would further contribute to an issue that is extremely important to us.


Whilst we understand that unavoidable situations may occur, the deposit scheme is to protect our business and staff from loss of earnings.


If we are able to fill your appointment, we may be able to carry your deposit forward for your next booking and we promise to remain fully transparent if this is the case.


We understand that changes like this can be complicated, we hope that long term we have made it really simple to follow.


If you have any questions or are still unsure of the cost of your appointment, please do not hesitate to ask when we contact you.

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