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Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing System at Alexander James Hair Salons in Solihull & Halesowen

nanokeratin hair smoothing treatment at alexander james hair salon halesowen, dudley & solihull

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Are you struggling to tame your tresses? Fed up of having frizzy, unruly hair? Looking for hair smoothing treatments in Solihull & Dudley? Then the Nanokeratin Brazilian Smoothing System might just be your new best friend.

Salon Director, Alex, has been an educator for Nanokeratin since 2016.  Nanokeratin Smoothing hair treatments allow for frizzy hair to be tamed and appear more glossy, damaged hair can appear rejuvenated, and straight hair will look shiny and glossier. This professional smoothing Nanokeratin Brazilian blow dry available at Alexander James uses the latest in Nanokeratin science and hair technology to give you more manageable, humidity resistant hair.

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What are Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatments?

The Nanokeratin smoothing system saves you time as it reduces the need for heat appliances and blow drying time is reduced by up to 80% meaning no more achy arms! At our hair salons in Halesowen, Dudley & Solihull, our experienced team specialise in Nanokeratin Brazilian smoothing treatments.

We will work our magic to give you smoother, perfect looking hair that is easier to control without compromising on the health of your hair. Here we answer all your questions and give you the low down on the new Nanokeratin Hair Smoothing Treatments available at Alexander James hair salons, Halesowen & Solihull.

Avoid Frizzy Hair With the New NanoSmooth Pure

Trying to fight off the frizz in heat and humidity can be a frustrating hair problem, but don’t worry, we have the solution! Transform your hair with the latest NanoSmooth Pure keratin treatment at Alexander James hair salon in Halesowen. Often referred to as a ‘Brazilian blow dry’ this revolutionary, high performance smoothing blow dry is suitable for all hair types and is kinder to your hair thanks to the reformulated recipe which now contains no formaldehyde.

Speed Up Blow Drying Time

The main benefit of nano keratin is that it speeds up blow drying time by up to 80% and allows you to create professional looking results at home, which will last longer without styling touch-ups between washes.

Working to smooth frizz and relax curls Nano Smooth allows your stylist to rinse the formula straight off meaning there are no style restrictions. Results can be seen immediately and with care, results can last for an amazing 3 months if all aftercare advice is adhered to. 

Chat to your Alexander James stylist about how the treatment would work for you and the results you can expect depending on the length, thickness, and degree of curl in your hair.

How Is The Nanokeratin Brazilian Smoothing Treatment Different From Others?

This system uses Keratin which is often lacking in hair. The treatment allows for the keratin to be locked into the hair cuticle resulting in longer lasting results.

How Long Will The Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment Last?

Assuming you follow all the aftercare advice given your smoothing treatment can last between 3-6 months. This can vary depending on lifestyle.

Is Re-Application To My Roots Only?

No. the keratin smoothing system is reapplied to the whole head every time.

Will The Keratin Smoothing Treatment Work On My Hair Type?

Yes. This treatment is ideal for all hair types and especially effective on really coarse, damaged hair or hair that has previously been bleached.

How Long Does The Keratin Smoothing Treatment Take?

This varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We recommend a keratin smoothing treatment consultation prior to your service where we can advise you on an individual basis.

My Hair Is Coloured – Can I Have a Nano Pure Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Yes. The treatment is colour safe and can even be applied directly after a colouring service. It is advised you allow at least 2 weeks after having your smoothing treatment before you have another hair colour service.

I’m Going On Holiday Is It Safe For My Hair?

It is perfectly safe to swim in both the sea and pool but allow 4 days from having the service.

I’ve Had Chemical Services On My Hair Previously – Is It Ok To Have a Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry?

The Nanokeratin Brazilian straightening treatments are inspired by nature and are completely safe to use on hair that has been previously straightened or had chemical treatments. Your locks will be transformed to look shiny and new.

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Lisa Salliss
This was my second time having the Smoothing Nanokeratin Treatment done and I would definitely recommend it.. It lasted for 4 months