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Zen & Secret Hair Extensions at Alexander James Hair Salon in Halesowen, Dudley

love-island hair extensions at alexander james hair salon halesowenHere we bring you all the latest Love Island gossip about …Hair Extensions!

If like the hairstyling team here at Alexander James Hairdressing, Halesowen you are obsessed with Love Island you’ll love our low down on who we think has the best & worst hair extensions in Love Island!

There’s no doubt about it, the nation is talking about the romance and shenanigans in the villa, but also about how everyone looks. Who has taped hair extensions? Who is not maintaining their hair extensions correctly? If you are looking for the best hair extension services in Halesowen then look no further!

If you get your hair extensions at Alexander James Hairdressing Salon Halesowen, they will be the best quality and will be blended to create a natural look. We offer many different methods if hair extensions application including pre-bonded keratin bonds, braidless wefting and our favourite, micro-ring hair extensions.

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Laura From Love Island’s Hair Extensions 

Everyone is talking about Laura from love Islands hair extensions and not always for the right reasons! Her extensions are very long and blonde and while she does an amazing job of creating a number of curly and wavy looks on an evening (including those chop stick curls!) her darker root colour has not been blended much into the brighter ends.

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Is Love Island’s Dani Wearing Taped Hair Extensions?

Dani from love Island has done a fantastic job of looking after her hair extensions and they look great! She uses top hair extension brand, Secret which we stock here in the salon too! At Alexander James hairdressers, Halesowen we to value the condition and health of your hair and will always offer our professional opinion on how suitable extensions are for your own individual hair type, the amount that you should have, as well as giving lots of all important maintenance advice for afterwards.

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Love Island’s Hayley – Love or Hate Hayley’s Hair Extensions?

Hayley’s hair extensions were there for everyone to see and you could clearly see the bonds. Our team of skilled hairdressers in Halesowen will suggest the best placement of hair extensions to conceal bonds and advise give you top tips on how to stop your extensions from fading in colour or going green because of chlorine.

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How Best to Maintain your Hair Extensions – Advice From the Experts at Alexander James Hairdressers, Dudley

Keep your hair extensions looking their best for longer with these top tips… 

  • Before you go to bed add a plait to your hair to keep your hair extensions from becoming tangled.
  • Always dry your hair extensions thoroughly, don’t let them dry naturally as your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet.
  • Use a hair oil to keep the ends of your hair moisturised and to help with discolouration from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Consider wearing a hat or scarf to cover your hair from the sun.
  • Book in for regular hair extensions maintenance appointments at Alexander James hair salon in Halesowen, Dudley.

Book Your FREE Hair Extensions Consultation in Halesowen at Alexander James Hairdressing

Hair extensions prices vary depending on each person, so we encourage you to book in for a complementary consultation at our hair salon in Halesowen before your main appointment. Here, we can assess your hair and will have a better idea of how much your hair extensions will cost. 

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