Transform Fine Hair with Hair Extensions at Alexander James Salons in Solihull and Halesowen, Dudley

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Transform your hair with hair extensions at Alexander James hair salon in Dudley.

If you have always had naturally fine hair, have lost some hair due to breakage, or it’s growing back after an illness, then you may want to consider hair extensions to make your hair look thicker.  

Achieve Thicker, Fuller Hair at Top Dudley Hairdressers

Hair extensions aren’t just used to add length to short hair – they can also be used to add volume and disguise hair loss for men and women of all ages.

The addition of hair extensions to your natural hair can have amazing results. Especially if you are looking to volumize and thicken fine/limp hair.

It is important to remember, though, that they should always be applied by professional hair extension artists.

Your Hair Extensions Consultation

The type of hair extension and fixing method you choose will depend entirely on the look you wish to achieve.

We always recommend you book in for a free, no-obligation, hair extensions consultation so we can work out a plan for your hair.  

Your first step is to book in for a consultation so we can assess your hair and discuss your needs and what can realistically be achieved. 

Hair Extensions for Mature Ladies

Today’s hair extensions are discreet and remarkably low maintenance and they are not just for the young and trendy! They are also great at adding volume and thickness to your hair, for men and women of all ages!

They offer a great solution to improve the appearance of hair that lacks volume and density.

We have two different hair extensions brands that you can choose from – Zen and Secret Locks Hair Extensions.

They are made of top-grade human hair which we can colour-match to your hair colour, fit to any length and to compliment your hair type and texture. 

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Book Your Hair Extensions Consultation at Alexander James Hair Salon in Solihull or Halesowen, Dudley!

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