Your visit, post lockdown.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We can't ignore the recent published statistic that 67% of women feel too nervous to visit the salon during this time. While you need to be in charge of making decisions that you feel comfortable with, perhaps a walk through your potential visit could be helpful. Sometimes just knowing what to expect can eliminate some worry and be enough to encourage you to come and see for yourself that the salon environment is as safe as it can be.

If you like facts and figures, recent SAGE research shows that hairdressing is responsible for less than 0.05% of transmission of Covid-19. You can read more about that here.

What a typical visit looks like now

You will arrive at the salon, wearing your face covering, at the time of your appointment (on the odd occasion that your stylist has fallen behind, you may be asked via text message to delay your arrival) where your stylist - who will be wearing a face mask and clear visor - will be ready to greet you. First they will take your temperature using an infra-red thermometer, aimed at your forehead. You will then be asked to sanitise your hands with the alcohol hand gel we provide. This is done with every client who walks through the door and so you know that alongside you, everyone in the salon has no fever and clean hands!

Your stylist will walk you through the salon to their work station, which will have been thoroughly swept and cleaned using antibacterial spray on the mirror, shelf and chair. Their equipment and tools will have been sterilised after their last use, using barber-aid solution.

Once seated you will be dressed with a single-use plastic gown and couch roll for colour services, all of which is disposed of immediately after use.

Your services will be completed as normal, or perhaps even better than before (!) due to the fact that you will have the undivided attention of your stylist for the duration of your visit. In fact, the only person you will be in close contact with is your stylist.

To further increase safety, we have kept the salon at a maximum capacity of 4 stylists and 4 clients at any one time and so social distancing is a piece of cake.

As your visit is single contact, this means your shampoo services, payment and re-booking process will all be completed by your stylist.

If you are visiting us for a colour service or a service which requires you to sit alone for a period of time you will be offered a drink to enjoy during this time. This will be served in a single use, disposable cup. We ask all clients to only remove their mask when we are able to observe social distancing so that you know our personal exposure has been kept at an absolute minimum.

Once you have left the salon your stylist will have 10 - 15 minutes allocated to cleaning and sanitising in preparation for their next client.

Other measures we have taken to improve safety within the salon include (but are not limited to) the following -

Daily temperature checks on staff

Sanitising of the card machine after every use

Regular cleaning of any frequent touch points

Hand washing after every contact

Staff required to wear full PPE at all times, unless alone

Screens installed between basin chairs

Movable screens available for use around the salon if needed

Disposable hand towels installed in the toilet

We hope that we have covered everything to reassure you of how seriously we are taking the situation and how much time and effort we are, and will continue to, put in to guarantee that the salon and everyone inside it are as safe as possible. If there is something you are still unsure of please do not hesitate to contact us at Solihull or Halesowen.

We hope to see you soon!

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