Protect Your Hair While Colouring With Smartbond at Alexander James Hair Salons in Halesowen, Dudley & Solihull

Alexander James hair salons in Solihull & Halesowen, are delighted to introduce you to the revolutionary smartbond & powermix, customised hair treatments which aim to repair damaged hair, leaving it stronger, shinier and with vibrant colour.

Hair can often become dry, damaged and weak as a result of chemical treatments or excessive styling so it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you protect and repair your hair from further damage.

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Improve The Condition Of Your Hair With Smartbond

Suitable for all hair types, smartbond can be added directly to your hair colour mix or applied as a pre-shampoo. It works by targeting weaker parts o the hair to strengthen it, reconstructing the weak ion bonds. Ask for smartbond as an add-on service when you next have your hair coloured at our Solihull & Halesowen hair salons,  and you will see a big difference in the quality of your hair.

After just one treatment, smartbond can dramatically improve the condition o your hair.  It can be applied during the hair colouring process to eliminate hair breakage AND as a stand-alone treatment on even the most over-processed hair.

Better still your hair colouring service will only be extended by approximately 10 minutes with the addition of our smartbond service but we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the results. 

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Smartbond – Healthy Hair is Yours!

There are no chemical smells, no tingling, just the same feeling you’d get as any other hair treatment, with superb results.  

If you want to turn back the clock and have hair that is healthy and resilient once more, please ask your hair colour technician or stylist at our salons in Halesowen & Solihull, about adding a smartbond treatment to your appointment.

Repair & Strengthen Hair at Alexander James Hair Salons, West Midlands

Powermix – Customised Hair Treatments at Top Solihull Hair Salon

Powermix are professional in-salon hair treatments that are customised by your stylist to transform the look and feel of your hair.  No matter if you need a hair treatment for coloured hair or you want the best hair treatment to strengthen fragile, weak hair or simply want an anti-frizz hair treatment that detangles unruly hair – we can help.

Powermix gives your Alexander James stylist the ability to mix a bespoke formula that is specific to your own hair type and texture for incredible results.