NEW Braidless Weave Now Available!

Try Our New Hair Extensions Method at Alexander James Hair & Beauty Salon, Halesowen in Dudley

We are very excited to now offer a brand new ‘Braidless Weave’ service at our hair and beauty salon in Halesowen, Dudley.

During this service, your highly trained hair extension artist at Alexander James Hairdressing will use micro rings on your own hair and attach the weft to the rings, rather than to a braid. This method of application is a lot more gentle than others, and means all your own hair is still down, so it creates a lot more thickness.

It is also great for holidays, as you don’t have any bonds in your hair that can get damaged by chlorine and salt water. Other benefits include that they are much quicker to fit therefore more cost effective – and your maintenance appointment is much quicker! Weft hair extensions also add a lot more thickness than individual bonds.

Like any method of hair extensions, wefts allow you to add colour without damaging your own hair. Call us on 0121 439 2800 for more information! Braidless Weave prices are as follows;

16inch 120gram Double Drawn Weft | £265 
20inch 120gram Double Drawn Weft | £295