Why Use Professional Hair Care Products?

Top Hair Care Tips From Alexander James Hair Salon in Solihull & Halesowen, Dudley

Here, L’Oreal hair colour specialist Sam from Alexander James hair salons in Solihull & Dudley, explain all you need to know about professional hair care products and why it’s so important to use them at home.

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L’Oreal Colour Specialist at Top Solihull Salon Explains The Importance of Home Hair Care 

I’m certain you will have been recommended professional salon home care products such as shampoo, conditioners, masks and styling lotions during an appointment at least once in your life – but why do we encourage you to use it? And what is the difference between the hair care products we offer at Alexander James hair salon, Solihull, and the thousands of bottles found in the supermarket aisles?

Read on to and we’ll give you a run-down of exactly what you should be using and why…

Top Hair Care Tips 

Firstly, skin and hair are very similar in that they both require a lot of care to protect and have them looking their best. A lot of us take really good care of our skin – if you’re anything like myself and the girls at our West Midland hair salons, you don’t bat an eyelid at paying £25+ for a premium brand moisturiser or makeup product.

So why then, when our skin and hair need the same level of care, do we flinch at the number of products we need or the cost of professional hair care products? Why is it that we choose top brands for our faces, but reach for supermarket hair care? Bare this in mind as you read on. 

Why do our hair experts encourage the use of professional products?

First and foremost, it is because we have worked hard on your hair during your appointment and we want you to be able to maintain and re-create that ‘salon look’ at home in-between visits.

After all, the products we are recommending are the same ones we have used during your appointment, and without them we would not be able to create your look either! Secondly, we appreciate the amount of time and money you have spent in the salon and the we want you to get as much longevity from you hair cut & hair colour as possible.

What is the difference between a professional hair product from Alexander James and a supermarket version?

Apart from the obvious matter of cost, the simple fact is quality. It’s a no brainer – we all know that supermarket own brand chocolate and Cadbury’s are just not the same! And for the same reason as hair care, this is because cheaper, less effective ingredients have been used to create the same end result, with VERY noticeable  differences in quality. 

Which professional hair products do our Alexander James Solihull hair experts recommend?

Alexander James Hair Salon in Solihull are L'Oréal Colour Trophy Semi Finalists!!Going back to the similarities between skin and hair, on a basic level, hair needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturised. This is your shampoo, conditioner and weekly mask. We recommend this as a minimum level of care, and this alone will keep your balayage, ombre or hair colour protected from colour fade as well as keeping it shiny, sleek and manageable from wash to wash.

Many of our professional hair products are prescriptive, meaning they are specifically designed to target common complaints such as frizz, breakage and dryness to name just a few. 

If we continue to look at skin care, there are direct crossovers with hair care in every aspect such as the following;

SPF = heat protection, Primer = smoothing lotion, Plumping cream = volumiser, Foundation = structurising blow-dry creams/sprays, Highlighter = shine spray/serum and makeup setting spray = hair spray etc. I could go on but I’m sure by now you get the picture!

Another thing to consider is how often you currently buy you hair care products. Did you know that when used correctly, our shampoos and conditioners last for 70 washes? And most of our styling products last for a minimum of 3-6 months*

A final thought on professional hair products vs skin care

Take a minute to count how many products you currently use on your face, I bet you’re not able to do it on one hand!

Now count how many products are in your current hair care regime. If you haven’t reached the same number, we are certain there is something vital missing in your routine which would make a huge difference to the look and feel of your hair. 

During your next appointment at our Solihull salon, why not ask your hair expert what their professional hair care reccomendations are for you as an individual? Your stylist can work with you to find the perfect combination of products for you and, in our experience, once you go pro you never go back.

*based on the average use of 3 times per week